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Year-in-Review: 2011


2011 was a phenomenal year for craft beer. Here’s a look back at what we experienced through our eyes, ears, taste buds and social media apps in the last 12 months! Magic Hat took us back in time to the days of yore with “flavor flashbacks.” Humble Patience joined Hex and hI.P.A...

25 Beers of Christmas - Gordon Biersch Winterbock


Visit our website blog every day from now until Christmas to see a newly featured craft beer from our lineup! Day 3 Today’s featured beer comes to us from Dan Gordon of Gordon Biersch in California. Read about Dan’s incredible history with beer in our Southern Distinction article publ...

Pumking is Here!



Southern Tier’s fall seasonal Pumking is here! Need I say more? Ok, I’ll say more. Pumking is a delicious pumpkin beer that was featured in our fall newsletter along with several other fall seasonals from some of our craft brewing partners. Also featured was an ongoing contest to win ...

Commercials that Never Get Old


Budweiser and Bud Light are known for their creative advertisements. Check out some current ads. Now let’s get nostalgic for a few minutes and watch some classic Budweiser commercials from over the years. (note: 2007 had some really great commercials!) 1976 Budweiser Clydesdales with Ed McM...

Celebrating Craft Beer with Athens' Brewfest


It’s that time of year again! Classic City Brewfest is returning to downtown Athens’ Foundry Park Inn this Sunday, April 11th, from 2:30-6pm to showcase nearly 200 of the country’s best craft beers. Like last year, Brewfest proceeds will benefit the Athens Area Humane Society, a...

Incoming! New Brews in the State of Georgia


It’s been an exciting past few weeks here at the Leon Farmer and Company warehouse, and I’m pleased to announce the upcoming debut of several new beers and breweries in the state of Georgia! First up we have Southern Tier Brewing Company, a Lakewood, New York brewery with an incredibl...

Going Gluten-Free With Beer



(Earlier this week I received an inquiry from a customer about Redbridge, a gluten-free beer that we distribute. She piqued my interest in learning more about gluten-free beer and its health benefits, so I asked a friend who is a gluten-free expert to share her knowledge with our faithful readers...

A Lesson In Seasonals


There is a lot I didn’t know about seasonal beer before today. It’s a lot like any other beverage or food – different times of the year call for different styles. You probably won’t drink eggnog in July or lemonade in December, just as you wouldn’t eat pumpkin pie in...

9/9/09 is going to be 9tacular!


Tomorrow marks the “Alignment of the Nines,” an event which won’t happen again until, what, 2099? 3009? Who knows. What I DO know is that the best way to celebrate 9/9/09… is with a #9! Magic Hat is holding its own celebration of the Nines in Burlington tomorrow. 9tacular ...