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Beerfests Part 2


If you’re a regular reader of these blogs, first of all I’d like to thank you! Then I’d like to tell you that this is a follow-up blog to one I wrote on How to Make a Brewfest Even More Awesome (ok that’s not exactly what it’s called, but I like this new title better...

March Updates


It’s been a while since the last blog post, and quite a bit has happened in the beer world as well as in the bulldog community. Here’s an update: First of all, Georgia’s official football schedule for this fall was released yesterday along with the rest of the SEC. Check out the...

Spring Newsletter Out Now!



We just emailed our newest newsletter, a cheery piece on the craft beers and events of spring. Read the full newsletter here. Look forward to such seasonals as Gordon Biersch Maibock, Magic Hat Vinyl, and Peak Simcoe Spring Ale! And get excited for upcoming festivals like Brewfest and Athfest. Pr...

Keeping up with Brewlimination



The first round of the current Brewlimination tournament is complete! Two of our beloved brews have made it to round two, which takes place during the remainder of February. Widmer Drifter Pale Ale will be taking on Rogue Juniper Pale Ale this time around after beating out our own Redhook ESB (wh...

How to Enjoy a Beer Fest


Beerfests are some of the best events you’ll ever attend. Hundreds of relaxed, easygoing folks who all enjoy the same thing and are there to learn, taste and chat with the smell of hops in the air. When you attend one of these festivals, here are some things you should know before and durin...



This is a blog about Wheat beers. When you say the title of this blog, say it like this little piggy for effect. Wheat beer is an umbrella style, encompassing a number of varieties of beer. In its most basic form, wheat beer is almost always top-fermented and brewed with a large amount of wheat i...

Snow Brews!



Got bored while I was snowed in earlier this week, so I took a case of assorted beer outside and took pictures of it in the snow. Here is some Magic Hat HOWL and Winter 2010 Odd Notion resting on a bit of iced-over shrubbery. Also took this creeper shot of HOWL. Did you take any sweet beer photos...

Snow Days in Athens



In case you haven’t noticed, it snowed recently. In fact, it snowed SO much that we didn’t get to work yesterday (sad!). As for me, yesterday was a day of adventure. I measured seven inches of snow at my home in central Athens before heading out in my 4WD SUV to spend the day with fri...

Have-a-weizen Tonight!


The beer style Hefeweizen gets its name from the German words “hefe,” meaning yeast, and “weizen,” meaning wheat; it is pronounced “heff-eh-vice-en.” It is a top-fermented and unfiltered wheat beer, usually with a cloudy appearance. Hefeweizens can be sweet and...

Year-in-Review: 2010


What a year! It’s time to review 2010 in beer, blogs and good times. Here’s what we experienced! Peak Organic got a new website! This one’s fancy and I heart the food pairings. They look delicious… to add to the mouth-watering beers available from Maine’s best (in my...