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Sweets for the Sweet


When I was working on the newsletter last week, I had no idea there were so many desserts that could be made with beer. I mean, I know I’ve been advocating beer floats for months, but did you know that you could make cupcakes? Ice cream? Souffle? There just wasn’t room on the newslett...

Summer Brews and Summer News



Welcome, summer! The hottest time of the year arrived early, but that’s okay because the best of the craft industry’s summer beer got here just in time to quench those parched palates! Our summer newsletter, which you can check out here, went out this week to educate our customers, fa...

2nd Annual Dash of the Warriors

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Are YOU going to Warrior Dash Georgia this weekend in Mountain City? Are you trekking the 3.02 miles across wrecked cars and tires, over fire and walls, under ropes and tarps, through mud and water… all the way to the finish line, where delicious Pyramid beer and giant turkey legs await you...

Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ



This past weekend marked a very special occasion for several friends and me: the first annual girls’ trip to the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina! I first heard about it a few months ago and immediately signed us up. It took place over the course of 6 hours on Sat...

Strawberry Fields Forever (until June)



Spring is my favorite time of year in Athens (not including football season) because it’s when the community comes out of winter hibernation and gets active! The Farmer’s Markets are in full swing at Little Kings and Bishop Park, concerts on the lawn are about to begin at Ashford Mano...

"Hop Hop Hop," said the Easter Bunny!



Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way! So first, I’d like you to take a moment and practice The Bunny Hop. Here are directions. Now that you’ve got hops on your mind, let’s discuss another kind of hop – the brewing hop! Hops have one main use, and that is as an ingre...

Summing Up Brewfest 2011



This is the last time I will mention Brewfest until 2012, I promise! Unless ticket sales go live early, in which case I’ll want to notify everyone of their availability! So last Sunday my friend Mary and I walked downtown and had a lovely lunch at Amici, and then headed over to the Classic ...

Salute to Pecans



So today is National Pecan Day. Not “Pecan Day,” but “NATIONAL Pecan Day.” The pecan is special because the pecan tree is one of the only trees native to North America. To celebrate, go nuts! Have some pecans. Have a pecan pie! Have butter pecan ice cream. Have a Lazy Mang...

Mystic Creatures... and Kirin

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This weekend was an exciting one for me personally as far as beer is concerned. I spent Friday night in a hotel that was attached to a Gordon Biersch restaurant (can we say WINNING?) and on Saturday I attended a bar crawl for Atlanta Braves fans. After the crawl I returned to Athens just in time ...

16th Annual Brewfest

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You’ve probably noticed that the last few blogs have been about beerfests. That’s because they’re awesome! And in THREE DAYS we’ll be enjoying one of my favorites, the 16th annual Classic City Brewfest at the Foundry and Melting Point. Featuring more than 250 of the world&...