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25 Beers of Christmas - Peak Winter Session Ale

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Visit our website blog every day from now until Christmas to see a newly featured craft beer from our lineup! Day 1 Peak Organic started a new seasonal series this year that began with Summer Session, continued with Fall Summit and finishes off 2010 with Winter Session. Winter Session is a midnig...

Read: Cooking With Beer



Cooking With Beer is a book filled with more than 200 recipes that are simple to understand and educate you as you cook! It’s really a great addition to your kitchen if you like trying new dishes, even if you’re not a big beer drinker. Monday’s blog about Thanksgiving meals made...

Who Needs Eggnog?

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If you want to get creative this holiday, try cooking a little beer into every aspect of your Thanksgiving meal! When cooked, beer loses its alcoholic content and only the sweet aromas and flavors are left behind. Magic Hat has some great recipes ready and waiting for your dining pleasure on its ...

Twinkle, Twinkle, Lights of Georgia



One of the holiday traditions I remember the best and still enjoy today is viewing light displays with my family and friends. Numerous tourist attractions around the state offer their own take on light shows and other traditions, like meeting Santa Claus and drinking a cup of hot cocoa, so I̵...

How to Pour the Perfect Beer

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Budweiser says it best: It’s All In The Pour. Do you know how to pour a delicious craft brew? Then take the Perfect Pour Challenge! This game will challenge even a pouring master to do his best. If you’re not yet a beer expert, you may ask the question, What is the proper way to pour ...

Warehouse Pic O' The Week



I guess it was a slow week for picture taking. But I hope that some of you are just too busy enjoying the delightful selection of winter brews available right now to photograph the occasion. Remember, they’re only around for a couple months! I decided to highlight a new winter seasonal we j...

Separation of Beer and State


Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a trivia nut. One of the ways I practice my knowledge of random facts is with the website Sporcle. A recently published quiz on Sporcle asks you to name the states in which 49 craft beers are brewed. I scored 18/49, so you’ll probably do much be...

Happy Pic o' the Week



Twitpic of the week! It’s not actually a Twitpic so much as a Facebook pic, but the point here, folks, is that somewhere out there was a fun group of people enjoying some delicious lager in a green bottle. Cheers! And thanks to Devin Fiegelist for her contribution and her love of Yuengling :)

Brewlimination Finals



It’s official! Southern Tier Phin and Matt’s Extraordinary Ale is in the running for the Gold Medal! Vote here to help one of our favorite brews win! The poll closes at 3pm Eastern time, which gives you almost 2 hours to cast your vote. Update And the winner is… Phin and Matt...

Winter Is Rolling In! And Bringing Fresh Beer With It.



I just took a stroll around our warehouse, which is kept very cold and always gives me goosebumps, and found a couple of new beer shipments that are just waiting to be unwrapped, loaded on to a truck, delivered, placed on a cooler shelf and purchased by YOU to enjoy in the coming weeks and months...