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Fox News Suggests Vinyl For Your Spring Drinking Pleasure

Mar 9, 2010 by Kathleen  |  


Here’s a tasty excerpt from Fox News’ Richard Goldsmith on Magic Hat Vinyl:

Psychedelic packaging and a bizarre name don’t make this lager any less perfect with a massive bowl of salty chips and baseball highlights. The rich, coppery color and a creamy-white head that rapidly disappears make for a great pour with a smooth texture and light carbonation. It’s an incredibly easy drink with a sweet and fruity flavor dominating, and a little bit of wheat and grass thrown in for good measure. An almost perfectly balanced dose of hops tones things down to keep Vinyl from getting cloying, and with a slice of lemon dropped in, this is a beer that could fit any nearly bill, from a way to pass the time during a spring rainstorm to the solution to the “dear lord I need a drink” moment after the church Easter egg hunt.

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